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A great job! The clerk was lovely, charming and fantastic and the Sales operatives were technical...

Eva Kerr

I liked the short time from booking the service to the arrival of the clerk. It was the same...

Natasha Parkin

Overall a good service, where all reports were done on time as promised. This was my first...

Chloe Dale

Excellent service. The report exceeded my expectations.

Max Higgins

The reports were done professionally and on time, exactly when promised. Such a service saves a...

Bailey Oliver

Our Property Inventory Services

The property inventory services offered by our company include a variety of inventory reports and checks designed to fulfil all our clients needs and requirements. All services are conducted by independent and certified inventory clerks who have passed special trainings at the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks.

London Property Inventories Provides the Following Services

At the beginning of a lease or rental agreement, a complete assessment and inventory is made by a London Property Inventories clerk. A check-in report is also compiled based on a thorough inspection using written and photographic documentation of the contents and condition of the property. After review by both parties involved in the leasing or rental of the property, an agreement is signed, with copies made for the tenant and the landlord or estate agent. London Property Inventories also keeps a copy of the agreement for later reference.

Upon termination of a lease or rental agreement, a check-out report is compiled and cross-referenced with the initial check-in report to assess the contents and condition of the property. The check-out report is used to determine if any damages have occurred beyond normal wear and tear. A London Property Inventories clerk will make recommendations concerning liability assignment to the appropriate party involved in the lease or rental agreement.

How to Schedule a Service in London with Us

Contact London Property Inventories on 020 3404 5118 if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. To book inventory services online, use our booking form.